Music for Solo Voice

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Little Requiem – baritone and piano (2013) 21′ Texts
In memory of those lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in 2012.
I. Introit & Kyrie; II. Rex Tremendae: III. Hostias; IV.  Sanctus; V. Agnus Dei; VI. In Paradisum.
Recorded performance by Brian Ming Chu, baritone; and Seth Trumbore, piano.
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Watch a studio performance of In Paradisum with Reginald Pindel baritone; Annette Dimedio, piano.
Watch a live performance of In Paradisum with Michael Jorgensen, baritone; Bonnie Jorgensen, piano

Lost Light – soprano and string quartet (2005) Texts by Kim Rich. 17′
I. Autumn in NY; II. Haiku- Noon Ghost; III. Living Space; IV. Haiku- Some Summer Senses; V. Lost Light
Recorded performance by Eileen Clark, soprano; The Mark Morris Dance Ensemble strings.
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Psalms – baritone and piano (2006) 12′
Texts from Psalms 46, 84, and 51
Recorded performance by Jared Stamm, baritone; Thomas Schmidt, piano. Available on the CD Songs of Seasons
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Seven Sacred Sketches –  tenor and cello (1999) 15′
Texts from the Psalms.
Recorded performance by Siddhartha Misra, tenor; and Michal Schmidt, cello.
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WARSONG – two female voices and piano (2004) Texts by Walt Whitman. 13′
I. Look Down Fair Moon; II. Old War-Dreams; III. Dirge for Two Veterans
Recorded performance by Eileen Clark, soprano; Megan Friar, mezzo-soprano; Thomas Schmidt, piano.
Available on the CD Songs of Seasons
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Juliet – Five Songs for soprano, organ, violin, and tubular bells (2002) Texts by William Shakespeare. 23′
Recorded performance by Mary Elizabeth Poore, soprano; Laura Frautschi, violin; Thomas Schmidt, organ. Available on the CD Chamber Works.
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Contemplations – Five Songs on Anne Bradstreet, for soprano, flute, cello, and piano. (2008) 12′ Texts.
Recorded performance by The Essex Chamber Music Players.
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Blake Songs – SATB Quartet and Piano (2002) 15′. Texts.
I. Spring; II. A Dream; III. Night; IV. The Lamb/Infant Joy
Recorded performance by The New Carillon Ensemble. Available on the CD Chamber Works.
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Whitman Songs – five songs for soprano and piano (2004) 14′. Texts.
I. Song of Joys; II. The Sobbing of the Bells; III. Joy, Shipmate, Joy; IV. Ploughman; V. Departed
Recorded performance by Andrea Edith Moore, soprano; Daniel Spiegel, piano.

Four Poems of Ben Jonson – tenor and piano (2003) 9′. Texts.
I. Oh That Joy So Soon Should Waste; II. Fall Grief In Showers; III. The Hour Glass; IV. Oh Do Not Wanton With Those Eyes
Recorded performance by Arthur Krieck, tenor; Steven Vosatka, piano.
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Psalm 57 – medium voice and piano (1998) 4′ Text.
Recorded performance by Deborah Lipsi, soprano; Gary Gress, piano.

Close The Windows – baritone, flute, cello, and piano (2017-2018) 14′
Texts by Robert Frost: I. Blueberries (Summer), II. November (Fall), III. Now Close The Windows (Winter), IV. A Prayer In Spring (Spring)
Composed for Essex Chamber Music Players, Boston
(no recording available yet)